On the road leading to ...

Setting the butt of her spear down into the ground she took a deep breath and sighed while whipping the sweat from her brow. It's been a long week. A long week of hard travel, But she was getting closer. It won't be long now, perhaps one more week until she reached the base on the mountain range, and the city of Ardhen.
She looked onward, tracing the vague outline of the pier turned road with her eyes, noting the mist that seamed to ebb and flow from within the wood itself as well as from the calm, still water surrounding it.
With one final deep breath, she  picked up her spear and rested the shaft against her shoulder, then walked on.

Blue man

I have (another) confession to make...

I never used to care about cars. For the longest time they were a way to get from one place to another just like a bicycle, only bigger and faster, of course.
Then I spent a few months practically living together with my best friend. She adores cars. She finds them pretty and all sorts of other positive adjectives. We spent a month in New Zealand pointing at every Mini Cooper we saw and going 'Mini Cooper!! Mini Cooper!!'. They were new at the time, I think, so it was exciting. They were pretty, so it was fun trying to spot them. It almost became a game, like spotting Random Thank You Signs.
Yes, that's a concept.
About a year later I stumbled into TBSoL by Ingrid Diaz* while procrastinating from studying a chemistry test at my university. There were a few lines of dialogue about Rav4's.
About four and a half years have passed since then and I still grin broadly every time I see one, especially if it's blue. My mom joked about getting me one just so I would calm my excitement over seeing them. I told her to add it to the 'if we ever win the lottery' list.
Mini Coopers and blue (and white) Rav4's have opened my eyes, and it has been years since I looked at a car as just a way to get from one place to another.
*Shameless pimping moment. Her writing is amazing, go look her / it up!
People Change

Snow Scene

(Found over at wickedkiwi's tumblr. Previous and forthcoming pictures that I don't state specifically where they're from are from the random page on Flickr)

"Come on."
"George, it's freezing outside..." ... "You're serious aren't you?"
"It's beautiful out, and it stopped snowing. Come on!"
"George... Fine, but give me that coat."
"Take these too."
"Thank you."
"You're welcome, now let's go."
"Okay, okay. But why do you want to go outside so badly?"
"I want you to see something."
"Where are we going?"
"You'll see."
"Trust me."
"I hate it when you say that..."
"You're here anyway..."
"Look at this." ... "Isn't it amazing?"
"I almost keep forgetting where you're from..."
"You don't find this amazing?"
"It's snow..."
"I know!"
"George, it's beautiful, but it's also freezing, please, let's go back inside... We'll come back out once the plows clear things up a bit."

Winged Wolf

Looking at the world from the perspective of a pink stuffed... animal...

They picked me up and put me down a few times before the long floor was pulled up and I was incased in it. A cage of floor turned into walls, and soft crunching noises when I was moved.
I can't move, can't escape, can't run. I can only wait...
And wait I did... I waited until I was placed down again, somewhere warm. I could feel it even through the walls around me. And I waited...
Then a small sound, a muffled sound, a cry of joy came though and I was picked up, floor-walls and all.
That's when the astonishing happened, and the walls were torn away, revealing a gentle face full of wonder. "Oh Mummy, thank you!" The remains of my floor and walls prison was discarded and I was picked up by this...girl... who was smiling broadly at another, older woman, and then back at me before hugging me tightly, placing her cheek to mine. I felt, more than saw, hazel eyes close as the firm yet soft touch enveloped me and slowly and carefully looked around. It appears I might be staying here for a while...
"What are you going to call her?" The older woman asked and the girl moved her head to look at her. She removed me from her cheek then, and looked me over.
"Star," she stated firmly, "because of the stars on her leg."
"Paw," the older one corrected with a smile.
"I think that's a very nice name, Sweetie." A third person added as he walked in carrying three hot looking cups on a tray. "Do you want to bring Star and drink some hot cocoa with us?"
I was hugged again, and the girl nodded. "Come on Star." I caught a glimpse of the two older people smiling at each other as the girl and I headed to take a seat at the table. I guess I don't need to wait anymore...


Not sure where this one came from...

"Follow me." He reached out his hand, hoping that she will take it, barely daring to plan where he will lead her if she will.
She smiled at him, almost tempted to look away, but putting her hand in his nonetheless. At his beaming smile she looked down, suddenly shy.
He pulled her hand, gently leading the way down towards the streets that fanned, bent and twisted below them.
"You need to be quiet here." He whispered to her. "And don't touch them. They can make a lot of noise when touched..." He waited until she nodded and slowly opened the door for her.
She gasped.
People Change

Black, gray, white, Stress, and perspective...

Today's photo was taken by me (hence the askew perspective..). It's of a piece of art created by my friend Daphna Dubin, and "borrowed" with her permission.
It's called Stress.
I kind of ignored that...

High above the forest she flew, her voice, her song carrying all around her as she moved through the air with easy, agile grace born out of years of practice. Below her she could see the top of evergreen trees, still painted black by the night that has not yet receded, except from the horizon far to her left.
She turned her head towards the nearing dawn and smiled at the faint color that began to peal back the thick dark blanket of night. Turning her focus back towards her route she flexed her shoulders. An unnecessary gesture, but considering she would soon need to cease this way of traveling and touch her feet to the ground, limbering her body after a long night spent with only chill air as a companion seemed to be a good option. She spread her arms, mindful of the rings which adorned each of her middle fingers.
Her smile grew, and her song increased in intensity from the simple joy of feeling the air flow around her, through her hair, and back, as if parting before her and caressing her at the same time. The earliest rays of light from the new day caressing her, breaking into a multitude of colors from the clear gems adorning the rings on her fingers.
The dawn was nearly upon her now, the sky to her left mostly gray and turning a pale shade of blue, and then gold as if to signal the sun's arrival. She turned then, angling herself towards the ground with her feet leading the way and her arms still outstretched. Her song quietened more and more as her distance to the ground diminished, until her feet touched the dew-damp soil, and the song ended with lips parted in a soft smile.
She stretched again, her arms rising far above her head, and then she looked around, her eyes quickly falling on a long branch lying on the ground. She walked towards it and picked it up, putting her hand against the tree from which it fell in thanks before turning the rings and hiding the gems inside her slightly closed hands. With one last gaze through the tall trees, now once again green, thanks to the light, she bowed her shoulders, lowered her head and left the tree, using the fallen limb as a walking staff.
But not before one last look, and a pat of thanks to the rough bark.


So I decided to do my own take on NaNo...

But the I realized that it's practically worthless if I don't save the work somewhere that will be accessible to me, and considering the amount of computers / keyboards that touch my hands weekly -
Hello my Lj and welcome back to life!

To make a long story short  - 30 days, 30 photos, 30 drabbles - 100-600 words each. Hopefully in different styles... I'll be aiming for that in the long run: to step out of my niche.

So without further ado, I present to you - the first two days (all dates in this post are not written in American. I also celebrated New Who day a month after you guys, so I'm using my wibbly-wobbly privileges again)


(Found on a random page on flickr)
It wasn't clear what had brought her to this place.
She looked around at the bright lights, and the even brighter colors, as she tried to make sense of it all.
"Excuse me." A serving girl passed by wearing little more than a leotard, and she moved aside, making room for her and the tray she was carrying before loud noises announcing a winner came abruptly and tore her focus away.
The need to move away from there was strong, and she barely noted as her legs took her towards the other side of the room, the cacophony and lights too distracting.
I need to leave.


(Found over at wickedkiwi's tumblr)

Her fingers tapped restlessly against the table top in front of her for a moment before she stopped them yet again. The train felt as though it was standing still.
Looking outside her window she stared noting the rustic houses across the small channel they were passing, all red brick farm-like residences. She tapped her fingers again and drew the curtain open a bit more. It wasn't long now.
Just a few more minutes, a few more miles.
When the car came to a stop she all but grabbed her luggage and leaped out, having long since left her seat.
"Hi," she said when her feet touched the platform, her lips quirking into a smile "I've missed you."

90-day Pic Post - Day 90

Here we are ( the center of town...)

Somehow this mix of technology and cookies seemed like the best way to finish the old year.

Happy New Year to all!
May you have good fortune, and good reading. ;)
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90-day Pic Post - Day 90 Pre-post

Pre-post is a funny thing to say.

Anyway, considering I've promised something new, I reckon the best thing to do is to pic the New Year itself.
So the post for day 90 shall be posted tomorrow morning (my time) or when I get home.

Happy new year to all!
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