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Watched Victor Victoria again today. That was fun!

"We are now reaching an altitude of 2500 feet, or 762 meters. To your right you can see one of the last active volcanoes of the region. Don't be alarmed though – the last time it had erupted was over a century ago. At present a lake has formed in its mouth, and there are several establishments that can allow you to access the highly sulfuric water and mud in a manner that is both safe and beneficial to your health. The ridges that you see all around the Mountain had been formed from the Lava that had come from the volcano when it had last erupted, or maybe even before that, when it was still active. But as you can see from the thick vegetation growing at the sides of the mountain – it is all perfectly safe.
Now, if you look further out to your right, almost at the horizon, you might be able to see a glimpse of the ocean..."
Tags: challenge, drabble, writing

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