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I missed a day...

Yesterday was... very long... And today started out way too early. So I have a two in one post for today.


(From the tumblr commonly known as The Cobwebs On My Mind)

“Look at him.” The instructor said quietly and the eight students turned as one to look in the direction he was discreetly pointing at. A few yards above the lake, as if suspended in mid air they saw a lone figure of a bird. “Can anyone identify him?”
The students were quiet, no one hazarding a guess as to which kind of raptor they were seeing.
The instructor sighed.
“It’s an osprey. It feeds primarily on fish. Lets wait a few moments and see if we can watch it hunt.”
The group stayed quiet as they watched the nearly motionless hunter.
“How do you know that it’s a he?” One of the students inquired.
“I can tell from his coloring that he’s an adult, and he is rather small. The males in this species are smaller than the females.” The instructor explained, again, keeping his voice down so as not to scare the hunter.
After a few quiet moments the raptor suddenly closed his wings and dived. The small group collectively held its breath until they saw white and brown wings pull the hunter upwards, a fish held firmly between its talons.

(Happy Eleven day!)

“I want to draw this.”
“But... It’s getting dark...” Brown eyes looked around, trying to figure if they should stay. They have been together for a while, and she was used to the other woman’s sometimes odd demands, that didn’t mean that she always gave in to them.
“Look at this.” Two fingers pulled on her wrist, just above the strap of her watch, and she turned her eyes from the seemingly casual inspection of the other people on the beach back to the woman at her side who was gesturing at the sky to the west. “A purple sunset.” The words were added with a smile.
“How could I refuse you that?” She said in a loving tone, and leaned forward for a small kiss. “Draw, dear. But then lets leave, it is getting very dark out here...”
Tags: challenge, drabble, writing

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