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Remembering the fall... and art...

I have no artistic talent what so ever when it comes to visual media. When I was a kid a wanted to. Oh, how I had wanted to have any small speck of talent in that department. The thought of painting my world, creating an image from... anything really was incredible to me.
I remember attempting a sunset at the beach once.
Then at the US I had to draw a lot. The teachers at my school liked it, I guess. And so my grandparents got some images from me in letters (who owned a computer back then?). During our first fall in Philadelphia I was mesmerized by the colors. There was actually a red tree across the street.
A RED tree. I don't think I knew trees could come in those colors back then.
I still can't draw to save my soul. But it turns out that sometimes I don't really need all those colors in order to paint a world. They add, of course they add, I would never say that they didn't, on the contrary even - just look at this project. But painting a world with black on white, using words, is a skill I'm glad has not yet ran away from me...

I think I'll go to sleep now...

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