November 20th, 2011


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I Totally forgot to write yesterday... In my defense, it was a l--o--n--g day. A very l--o--n--g day...

She ran.
She couldn't stop running. Not after all this time, not after all these years.
She ran.
Not literally anymore. No, that stopped sometime during the second year. But she still ran. She was still afraid that someday, she may be caught.
This led to odd jobs where the people paid cash. It also led to motels, and some very crummy short term lease apartments. This led to little to no grocery shopping since things tend to go bad if you're not around to eat them. This also led to knowing where most of the decent diners were throughout the east coast. And for some reason, a very good one in Pheonix.

Spent time playing 'auntie' today. Guess that got me thinking about little people..

"Look at them!" She said quietly moving their cover slightly out of the way to allow the boy beside her to see. "What do you think they're doing?"
He peeked and then drew her hand away, covering them in shadow once more. "I don't know. But I'm not sure I like it... Maybe we should go tell..."
"Tell them what? Except for the fact that they're here we don't know anything yet. Let me look." She moved him aside so as to disturb their cover as little as possible.
"Stop. What if they see us?" She turned to look at him, her hand firmly holding the edge of the leaf.
"They are over 100 body lengths away, and we're well hidden in this bush. Even if they see us they will likely think we're a bird, or another inhabitant of this forest. Now quiet. They don't need to hear us speak."