November 9th, 2011


On the road leading to ...

Setting the butt of her spear down into the ground she took a deep breath and sighed while whipping the sweat from her brow. It's been a long week. A long week of hard travel, But she was getting closer. It won't be long now, perhaps one more week until she reached the base on the mountain range, and the city of Ardhen.
She looked onward, tracing the vague outline of the pier turned road with her eyes, noting the mist that seamed to ebb and flow from within the wood itself as well as from the calm, still water surrounding it.
With one final deep breath, she  picked up her spear and rested the shaft against her shoulder, then walked on.


Remembering the fall... and art...

I have no artistic talent what so ever when it comes to visual media. When I was a kid a wanted to. Oh, how I had wanted to have any small speck of talent in that department. The thought of painting my world, creating an image from... anything really was incredible to me.
I remember attempting a sunset at the beach once.
Then at the US I had to draw a lot. The teachers at my school liked it, I guess. And so my grandparents got some images from me in letters (who owned a computer back then?). During our first fall in Philadelphia I was mesmerized by the colors. There was actually a red tree across the street.
A RED tree. I don't think I knew trees could come in those colors back then.
I still can't draw to save my soul. But it turns out that sometimes I don't really need all those colors in order to paint a world. They add, of course they add, I would never say that they didn't, on the contrary even - just look at this project. But painting a world with black on white, using words, is a skill I'm glad has not yet ran away from me...

I think I'll go to sleep now...