November 7th, 2011

Blue man

I have (another) confession to make...

I never used to care about cars. For the longest time they were a way to get from one place to another just like a bicycle, only bigger and faster, of course.
Then I spent a few months practically living together with my best friend. She adores cars. She finds them pretty and all sorts of other positive adjectives. We spent a month in New Zealand pointing at every Mini Cooper we saw and going 'Mini Cooper!! Mini Cooper!!'. They were new at the time, I think, so it was exciting. They were pretty, so it was fun trying to spot them. It almost became a game, like spotting Random Thank You Signs.
Yes, that's a concept.
About a year later I stumbled into TBSoL by Ingrid Diaz* while procrastinating from studying a chemistry test at my university. There were a few lines of dialogue about Rav4's.
About four and a half years have passed since then and I still grin broadly every time I see one, especially if it's blue. My mom joked about getting me one just so I would calm my excitement over seeing them. I told her to add it to the 'if we ever win the lottery' list.
Mini Coopers and blue (and white) Rav4's have opened my eyes, and it has been years since I looked at a car as just a way to get from one place to another.
*Shameless pimping moment. Her writing is amazing, go look her / it up!