Spent time playing 'auntie' today. Guess that got me thinking about little people..

"Look at them!" She said quietly moving their cover slightly out of the way to allow the boy beside her to see. "What do you think they're doing?"
He peeked and then drew her hand away, covering them in shadow once more. "I don't know. But I'm not sure I like it... Maybe we should go tell..."
"Tell them what? Except for the fact that they're here we don't know anything yet. Let me look." She moved him aside so as to disturb their cover as little as possible.
"Stop. What if they see us?" She turned to look at him, her hand firmly holding the edge of the leaf.
"They are over 100 body lengths away, and we're well hidden in this bush. Even if they see us they will likely think we're a bird, or another inhabitant of this forest. Now quiet. They don't need to hear us speak."


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I Totally forgot to write yesterday... In my defense, it was a l--o--n--g day. A very l--o--n--g day...

She ran.
She couldn't stop running. Not after all this time, not after all these years.
She ran.
Not literally anymore. No, that stopped sometime during the second year. But she still ran. She was still afraid that someday, she may be caught.
This led to odd jobs where the people paid cash. It also led to motels, and some very crummy short term lease apartments. This led to little to no grocery shopping since things tend to go bad if you're not around to eat them. This also led to knowing where most of the decent diners were throughout the east coast. And for some reason, a very good one in Pheonix.

Bird's-eye view

She closed her eyes and kicked hard at the ground. No one knew this but this was the safest time to be moving around in this manner – the time when everyone was hurrying home from work, when the streets were clogged with traffic. She had a better option though; she thought with a smile and rolled around her horizontal center of mass. Turning so for a few brief moments the earth was above her and the sky below. No one looked up at this time. And after another day pretending to fit in, this was the time where she could let go, where she could be just a bit more of herself.
She raised her hands over her head and braced herself for the dive-roll. When she stood again, she popped her neck, and she took a few long strides before reaching the edge of the building and leaping off once again.


I think I've spent too much time writing down numbers today...

"Hi, I'm sorry..." A quiet voice tore my attention away from my book. I lifted my eyes towards the voice that was almost too quiet considering the cacophony that still surrounded us. "I was wondering if I could borrow a pen." He pointed at his messenger bag then, nearly picking at a tare at one of the seams. "I managed to loose quite a few of the things that could fit through this hole..." He explained in a self deprecating tone.
I looked at the small case that rested beside my book on the desk and then back at him before shrugging, opening it, and offering it to him to look inside.
"Thanks." He smiled at me, and after a moment pulled out a dark blue pen. "I'm Tom, by the way."
I closed my book.
"Jane." I offered with a small smile.
"I hope this class won't be as dull as my last one, but at least I have something to write with this time." I looked at him questioningly. "I found myself seated inside a ring of laptop-ers. All of them were typing, and none had pens." I gave him an incredulous look. "I swear I'm not making this up!"
"Ladies and gentlemen!" A voice called from the front of the class, "I'm professor Blackburn, and as soon as my computer is set up, we'll begin, so please take your seats and settle down."
"Here we go..." He smiled at me again. "Good luck." I smiled back and put my book away.


Longest mini-scene so far in this drabble-a-thon. I'm feeling rather proud ;)

"You have got to be kidding me." The raven haired woman crossed her arms over her chest and huffed, a frown setting over her features. The younger blonde turned to her, the confusion clear on her face.
"What? You need a ride, I offered, this is my ride."
"It's a motorcycle."
"Clearly." The blonde agreed, still not sure what was causing the woman before her to look so apprehensive. "Wait," she said with sudden realization, the creases in her forehead straightening and her eyebrows inching upwards. "You have never ridden on a bike, have you?"
The other woman shook her head slowly, her stance otherwise unchanging. The blonde smiled at that. "There's nothing to worry about, I've had her for over three years now, and I'm a safe driver. All you have to do is hold on, and move with the bike."
The raven haired woman took a deep breath. "How do I do that?"
"You lean. When the bike leans to the left, you do the same. I'll go slow around the campus since we need the west gate, this way you can feel it. You should be alright by the time we get out of the gate." She could see the older woman starting to relax, though not by much yet.
"What about another helmet?"
The blonde pointed to the heavy chain that locked the bike to the designated post, showing the other woman the helmet that was also attached. "That one is mine. I borrowed this one," she lifted the black helmet in her hand, "from a friend." She smiled, wondering if what she thought was her ace was actually that, or if the older woman will call her bluff. "The question is – do you trust me?"
She watched the woman in front of her intently as dark eyes turned from her and towards the vehicle, looking at the machine with a combination of apprehension and what seemed to be close to fear for long minutes before returning to meet her own eyes.
It was with an almost inaudible sigh that the older woman finally uncrossed her hands and reached out. "How do you put these things on anyway? I think I read there was a clasp somewhere..."
The blonde's smile was radiant, and she held out the helmet, showing the woman standing before her the correct way to secure it before bending to unchain the motorcycle, and put the heavy chain in its allotted spot. That done, she straddled the bike and placed her own helmet on her head, secured it and reached her hand to the still standing woman. "I suggest you hold on to me, at least at first, so that you understand how to move with the bike. Afterwards you can move your hands to the bar behind you if you'd like."
When arms practically encircled her from behind she did her best to suppress a full body shiver, turned on the engine, and then started off, making sure to go slowly, but not entirely sure if she did this in order to put the woman behind her at ease, or to prolong the contact she was enjoying so much.
Kate Mulgrew


(Melancholy, By Drummer Photo Experience)

I admit that I have cheated today. This photo was the closest to sought out that I could get without going through my personal pic folders. I wanted a picture that would capture 'melancholy'. Coming to think of it, I might have a better shot, taken by my beloved Canadian. But this is not the point.
A friend and I stopped by an old workplace today and I got to see someone whom I used to care greatly about.
Seeing him now is just painful. I was an idiot. I know this and I admit to it without any second thoughts or... whatever… because I was. I was an idiot and I paid for my mistakes.
Logic-ing my way around this mess isn't and hasn't been helping though since my guilt isn't about what transpired, but more over the ramifications of those actions.
I know I'm being vague.
But now, seeing him, I knew that this is something that could never be again – our friendship. That friendship was lost inside the lies. And even if they are ever "aired out", then this friendship won't be repaired. Especially if the lies are ever discovered as what they truly are – our friendship is lost.
So – Melancholy.
Perhaps a little gloomy... And the down pour, complete with the occasional thunder clap (not that I'm complaining, but this is odd, odd weather...), is not helping my mood. Especially since it soaked me to the bone on the way back home. Thank the gods for raincoats though. Only about a third of my body was soaked to the bone.
Now, to bed I think. It's time I went to bed before midnight...
Dark side

Watched Victor Victoria again today. That was fun!

"We are now reaching an altitude of 2500 feet, or 762 meters. To your right you can see one of the last active volcanoes of the region. Don't be alarmed though – the last time it had erupted was over a century ago. At present a lake has formed in its mouth, and there are several establishments that can allow you to access the highly sulfuric water and mud in a manner that is both safe and beneficial to your health. The ridges that you see all around the Mountain had been formed from the Lava that had come from the volcano when it had last erupted, or maybe even before that, when it was still active. But as you can see from the thick vegetation growing at the sides of the mountain – it is all perfectly safe.
Now, if you look further out to your right, almost at the horizon, you might be able to see a glimpse of the ocean..."
Book love

I keep going to be extremely late, then wonder why I'm sick...

There is nothing quite like the feeling of holding a book in your hands. I could never understand how people could go a week without reading something. Anything.
I turn the page, ignoring the sound of the electrical currant running though the bulb in the lamp. This is one of those rare times, when the children have all been put to bed, the Master and Missus are away, and I can sit and spend some time with this secret love of mine, and a nice cup of tea. It does not occur all that often, sadly. And I find that I need to allocate time for this private time. This does not bother me though, as making time for the things which are important to you is what defines you and your passions. The thought of being defined by my love of the written word. A love that is nearly as old as I.

I missed a day...

Yesterday was... very long... And today started out way too early. So I have a two in one post for today.


(From the tumblr commonly known as The Cobwebs On My Mind)

“Look at him.” The instructor said quietly and the eight students turned as one to look in the direction he was discreetly pointing at. A few yards above the lake, as if suspended in mid air they saw a lone figure of a bird. “Can anyone identify him?”
The students were quiet, no one hazarding a guess as to which kind of raptor they were seeing.
The instructor sighed.
“It’s an osprey. It feeds primarily on fish. Lets wait a few moments and see if we can watch it hunt.”
The group stayed quiet as they watched the nearly motionless hunter.
“How do you know that it’s a he?” One of the students inquired.
“I can tell from his coloring that he’s an adult, and he is rather small. The males in this species are smaller than the females.” The instructor explained, again, keeping his voice down so as not to scare the hunter.
After a few quiet moments the raptor suddenly closed his wings and dived. The small group collectively held its breath until they saw white and brown wings pull the hunter upwards, a fish held firmly between its talons.

(Happy Eleven day!)

“I want to draw this.”
“But... It’s getting dark...” Brown eyes looked around, trying to figure if they should stay. They have been together for a while, and she was used to the other woman’s sometimes odd demands, that didn’t mean that she always gave in to them.
“Look at this.” Two fingers pulled on her wrist, just above the strap of her watch, and she turned her eyes from the seemingly casual inspection of the other people on the beach back to the woman at her side who was gesturing at the sky to the west. “A purple sunset.” The words were added with a smile.
“How could I refuse you that?” She said in a loving tone, and leaned forward for a small kiss. “Draw, dear. But then lets leave, it is getting very dark out here...”

Remembering the fall... and art...

I have no artistic talent what so ever when it comes to visual media. When I was a kid a wanted to. Oh, how I had wanted to have any small speck of talent in that department. The thought of painting my world, creating an image from... anything really was incredible to me.
I remember attempting a sunset at the beach once.
Then at the US I had to draw a lot. The teachers at my school liked it, I guess. And so my grandparents got some images from me in letters (who owned a computer back then?). During our first fall in Philadelphia I was mesmerized by the colors. There was actually a red tree across the street.
A RED tree. I don't think I knew trees could come in those colors back then.
I still can't draw to save my soul. But it turns out that sometimes I don't really need all those colors in order to paint a world. They add, of course they add, I would never say that they didn't, on the contrary even - just look at this project. But painting a world with black on white, using words, is a skill I'm glad has not yet ran away from me...

I think I'll go to sleep now...